Photoshop Compositing: How To Match Subject With Background

Learn how to match a subject with background like a pro

Rabii Mhamdi · July 5, 2019

Welcome to Photoshop compositing, how to match subject with a background, where you will learn how to composite and match any subject with any background in Photoshop

This course is for photographers or anyone who wants to learn compositing who struggles to replace a subject from a photo or adding it to another background and can’t get it to look realistic, because in this course I’m gonna show exactly how to do that, and by the end of it you will be able to composite and match your subject with any background and make it look realistic everytime

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Rabii Mhamdi

Rabii Mhamdi is a digital artist and an online instructor, He has been in this industry for over 6 years and will teach how to master Photoshop and compositing

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Posted 3 days ago
Very good

Sweet. Instructor taught practical ways to prepare images, compose, match environments and add special effects to create realistic composition. No unnecessary fluff.

juan gonzalez
Posted 1 month ago
Clear and precise

simply wonderful and spectacular

Posted 1 month ago
Enjoyable Course

Lots of important tools and techniques were used to create a really impressive composite.

Lynn Mason
Posted 1 month ago
Tutorials that will make your composites better

The later lessons really pushed me beyond anything I'd done before. The beginning lessons brought together things that I knew but hadn't a system for using effectively. I have been able to take the techniques and use them on my own images to surpass my previous work. The teaching is complete, well-paced and easy to listen to so learning is easy.

Kausher Ahmed
Posted 2 months ago
Amazing Course

Many new thing i learn from here

Rabii Mhamdi
Posted 2 months ago
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