Photoshop Compositing: How To Match Subject With Background

Learn how to match a subject with background like a pro

Rabii · July 5, 2019

Welcome to Photoshop compositing, how to match subject with a background, where you will learn how to composite and match any subject with any background in Photoshop

This course is for photographers or anyone who wants to learn compositing who struggles to replace a subject from a photo or adding it to another background and can’t get it to look realistic, because in this course I’m gonna show exactly how to do that, and by the end of it you will be able to composite and match your subject with any background and make it look realistic every time

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Rabii Mhamdi is a digital artist and an online instructor, He has been in this industry for over 6 years and will teach how to master Photoshop and compositing

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Posted 2 months ago

Thus course is an amazing introduction to realistic photo compositing. I've never had any previous experience in photo compositing and this curse taught me a lot!

Nico P
Posted 2 months ago
So Helpful

I am pretty much completely new to photoshop, and I learned so much from this. 100% recomend!

Posted 7 months ago
Great course

Thanks for this great course

Idor Levy
Posted 7 months ago
A must course

Thank you for the great tips here. I am a beginner level in photoshop so I will have to watch this course few times and practice on my own project using your tips here. Thank you for sharing!

Udeh Chinonso Bright
Posted 7 months ago
Best ever

I learnt a lot about compositing which is a major problem for me now in Photoshop. I'm really glad I stumbled upon this tutorial

Katerina Triss
Posted 8 months ago
thank you

Clear explanations of all techniques, good tips.

Ajay Baraiya
Posted 9 months ago

You trick is very helpful.nice tutorials.keep it up.

Posted 9 months ago
What a great course!

I learned a lot, some things were a little bit too difficult for me mainly because I never did all the techniques before. I' m sure I will repeat this course later to cement it in. thanks for creating it

Cody Britt
Posted 9 months ago
In-Depth Basic Composite

In-Depth and well articulated throughout each video. It's a great way to polish up the foundation of our compositing, while learning small tips and tricks to push forward to create some masterpieces. Would love to see a course like this with solid color/abstract background emphasized on special effects and highlighting too if possible!

Posted 9 months ago
Really very helpful

This guy is amazing very useful techniques share with us thank you so much 🙏

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