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Photoshop Compositing: How to Match Subject With Background

this compositing course reveals:

The proven editing process you need to acquire, to make jaw-dropping composites in Photoshop

Discover the exact process that top artists use to match any subject to any background like a pro that will change the way you edit images forever.

Never struggle with matching a subject to a background anymore and master the little-known techniques of compositing.

you may be frustrated right now with your compositing results, every time you try to match a subject with a background, it always looks off and unrealistic.

i know exactly how that feels, because i was there and i was frustrated too

i was reading articles, books, watching tutorials that were very limited and doesn’t explain the core fundamentals you need to learn first to make great edits.

not until i learned those crucial elements that need to be present in a composite, i was able to create realistic and stunning images.

buckle up because today i have something special for you that will give you the results you have been always looking for

Photoshop Compositing:
Match Any Subject to any Background like a pro

in this course
You will learn how to...


Do realistic image blending

How to composite and match any subject to any background and create a cohesive composite like a pro.


Master color correction & grading

How to master color correction and grading using adjustment layers and color maps.


Create Depth of Field

You will learn how to create realistic camera depth of field effect using depth maps.


Match perspective

Perspective is one of the most important aspects of a composite and learning how to match subject scaling with a horizon line is key.


Make clean and non-destructive selections

You will learn how to extract a subject from the background, make clean selections and remove fringing


Master luminosity matching
with check layers

Matching luminosity is crucial to a realistic composite before doing any color correction, you will learn how to use check layers to match luminosity easily.

This course is for you if…

you don't know how to choose the best images

you'll discover why your editing is not working and learn how to pick the right images with the right lighting.

you find it difficult to fix perspective

i'll show you how to match perspective and horizon line to get realistic results.

you are unsatisfied with your editing result

you work for hours on an edit only to find out that you’re not happy with it, and something is not right about it, does that sound familiar?

you find it hard to match a subject with background

You will walk away from this training with a game plan and total clarity.

By the end of this Class

you will know exactly what to do to blend multiple images together and apply the techniques you learned to create amazing and realistic images in photoshop even if you are a complete beginner to photoshop compositing.

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Your Instructor

Rabii Mhamdi is a digital artist and an online instructor, He have been in this industry for over 6 years and will teach you how to master photoshop and compositing.

What students are saying...

Start creating amazing edits

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Have Questions? Read the FAQ

all my courses are designed with the consideration of compatibility with Photoshop CS6 and above, but it’s recommended to use the latest version

yes, because you have lifetime access to any course you purchase you can login anywhere at any time and resume where you left off and learn at your own pace

yes, you have a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase, just shoot me a message or email and i’ll give you a swift refund.

of course, just ask your questions in the comments or get in touch and i will do my best to help and give feedback 

Ratings and Reviews

Avg. Rating
31 Ratings
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Kathleen Cercone
Posted 1 week ago
Good job

I needed to learn how to match color between 2 photos. I feel better about it now. I think I would have liked another video with 2 other pictures - I do not expect how to do a manipulation as I know that- just want to master matching photos.

Posted 2 years ago
It was detailed and amazing

The tutor knows what he is doing, great job.

Lara Moore
Posted 2 years ago
Excellent set of skills for photo comp!

I knew the basics of color matching before, but only eyeballed things which made for a lower quality result. The tips in this course and check layers helped immensely in bringing out the details to check my work and taught me plenty of shortcuts to be more efficient.

Posted 3 years ago

Thank you very much for your honor for this course and for the scientific value you provide. I have benefited a lot from this Korean

vincent didier
Posted 3 years ago

J'ai suivis la plupart de vos vidéos sur "youTube", j'ai appris beaucoup ! Très bonne leçon ce "tuto", complet ! Merci. ps: Dommage que ce cours n'ai pas, lui, droit à des sous titres. Alors; DES SOUS-TITRES S'il Vous Plait, pour la prochaine fois, Vos vidèos sur YouTube sont SUPER ! 😉

Posted 3 years ago

Thus course is an amazing introduction to realistic photo compositing. I've never had any previous experience in photo compositing and this curse taught me a lot!

Nico P
Posted 3 years ago
So Helpful

I am pretty much completely new to photoshop, and I learned so much from this. 100% recomend!

Posted 3 years ago
Great course

Thanks for this great course

Idor Levy
Posted 3 years ago
A must course

Thank you for the great tips here. I am a beginner level in photoshop so I will have to watch this course few times and practice on my own project using your tips here. Thank you for sharing!

Udeh Chinonso Bright
Posted 3 years ago
Best ever

I learnt a lot about compositing which is a major problem for me now in Photoshop. I'm really glad I stumbled upon this tutorial

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